• If the term or metadata field contains spaces or colons, use double quotes to enclose the phrase.
  • When searching for extractor-generated metadata, the entire extractor path with periods replaced as underscores must be included as a prefix.
    e.g.: "https://mysite_com/clowder/extractors/my_extractor.field"<20
  • You can use * as a wildcard character.
  • Case does not matter unless noted.
  • When searching date fields, the date formats must match (YYYY-MM-DD will not match YYYY/MM/DD)
!=does not equal
< >less than / greater than
<= >=less or equal to / greater or equal to

field example
(basic) agriculture searches name, description, creator name, and tag fields
(regular expression) *tre*s get anything with "trees" or "streetcars" in basic fields
name name:VIS_SV_180_z1_1207272.png searches file, dataset or collection names
created created:2021-04-19 date of upload/creation
creator creator:Smith creator name
email email:janesmith@email.com creator email address
resource_type resource_type:collection can be file, dataset or collection
tag tag:animal filter search results by specific tags
in in:5ccafdf97ceaec481ae86812 a dataset or collection ID can be specified
contains contains:5ccafe167ceaec481ae86816 a file, dataset or collection ID can be specified
exists exists:"PixelMetadata.MeanNDVI" searches anything that has a specific metadata field (case sensitive)
missing missing:"SatelliteAnalyzer:QualityScore" searches anything that does not have a specific metadata field (case sensitive)
metadata "Funding Institution":"University of Illinois" if the field is not any of the above, it is assumed to be a metadata field
(multiple) test resource_type:file tag:tr*s get any files tagged "trees" or "trains", and with "test" in basic fields